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DimouDesign is a pioneer company in the design of aluminum furniture systems-fronts. The main feature of the company and its primary concern is the impeccable quality, the aesthetics and the modern product line, as well as the immediate service. Based on aluminum and glass, we create products of modern design and high aesthetics. The wide variety of profile designs, the huge range of glass from the largest factories in the world, the ability to capture images (digital printing) directly on the glass make our products ideal for any space.

Aluminum Furniture Fronts

Sliding Wardrobe Systems

DimouDesign systems present what is technically feasible in interior design today. The excellent appearance of each door system indicates years of technical development and fine-tuning. All of our sliding & opening systems are subject to rigorous endurance tests, allowing us to guarantee both perfect operation and a very long service life. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise in the field of mechanical door. The handles and the long selection of accessories in the market, complete the range of possible applications.

Opening Doors Fronts

The ideal choice for any opening door. Tested, reliable and designed to meet a wide variety of applications, meeting architectural requirements.

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DIMOU DESIGN Industrial park of Oreokastro, Thessaloniki 57013

+30 2310-667-266


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Dimou Design company is a fast developing business since 1992 and is specialized in the construction of based aluminium furniture fronts.
We are located at the Industrial Park of Oreokastro in Thessaloniki,Greece.

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T. +30 2310-667-266E.